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Coldplays Green Play on Touring

You will be amazed at the list of things Coldplay is doing to greenify their tour. Actually, it's more of a magna carta than a list.

Now on a world stadium tour, Coldplay has made a Green Play by greening everything from energy, to merchandise, to travel and even to the food they eat, all with the mantra of Reduce, Reinvent and Restore.

After postponing their last tour until they could get closer to being carbon neutral, the band has announced not just a list of sustainable elements, but rather something more akin to a magna carta.

The band's commitment to sustainability began with their 2016 "A Head Full of Dreams" tour. The tour was one of the most successful in music history, grossing over $500 million worldwide. However, it was also one of the most environmentally sustainable tours ever undertaken. The band's efforts were recognized by the industry, and they received the prestigious "Best Sustainability Initiative" award at the 2016 UK Festival Awards.

Cold Play worked with a sustainability consultant to implement a range of measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

So, what did Coldplay do to make their tour sustainable? For starters, the band worked with a sustainability consultant to assess the environmental impact of their tour. They then implemented a range of measures to reduce their carbon footprint, including the use of hybrid and electric vehicles for transport and the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, to power their shows.

Coldplay also focused on reducing waste by providing reusable water bottles to staff and crew and implementing a recycling program at each show. They also partnered with local charities in each city they visited to donate unused food and reduce food waste.

In addition to these measures, the band also made changes to their stage design to reduce the amount of energy used during their shows. They used LED lighting, which uses less energy than traditional lighting, and made sure that all of their equipment was as energy-efficient as possible.

They also made changes to their stage design, such as using LED lighting and other production techniques to reduce the overall energy needed.

Coldplay's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint have continued with their more recent tours. For their "A Head Full of Dreams" tour, the band worked with the environmental charity Julie's Bicycle to offset the carbon emissions from their shows. They also encouraged their fans to reduce their carbon footprint by offering a discount on tickets to anyone who arrived at the show by public transport, bicycle, or on foot.

Coldplay has shown that it is possible to tour on a large scale while still being environmentally responsible. By implementing a range of measures to reduce their carbon footprint and partnering with environmental organizations, the band has become a leader in sustainable touring. Hopefully, their efforts will inspire other musicians and artists to follow in their footsteps and prioritize sustainability in their own tours and performances.

Here are some highlights of their sustainable elements:

CO2 - Cut their emissions by 50% from their previous tour.

Power - Stage to be powered almost entirely from renewable energy.

Solar - Installing solar panels at venues to power the show.

Bio Fuels - Hydrogenated vegetable oil which is recycled from waste, will be used.

Battery System - A rechargeable show battery to travel with them on the road.

Kinetic Energy - The venue floor will be used to generate energy as fans move.

Grid Renewables - Using electric grids with renewable sources.

Travel - Will use Sustainable Aviation fuel whenever possible and fly mostly commercial.

Show - To minimize freight emissions, will use local equipment.

Stage - Constructed of lightweight, low carbon and reusable materials.

LED Wristbands - 100% compostable and plant based materials.

Lighting & Audio - Will use LED screens, laser and lighting and an energy efficient PA.

Special Effects - All materials bio degradable.

Water - Venues to use aerated taps and low flushing toilets.

Waste - Tour and Venues will recycle all waste.

Food - Plant based, meatless, lab grown with all surpluses going to food banks.

Merchandise - All ethically sourced.

Good Causes - 10% of all their earnings will go towards good causes.

Advocacy - Information will be regularly distributed, raising sustainability awareness.

In all, Coldplay has essentially created an entire sustainable eco system, which can be viewed in its entirety here.


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